Why you should switch to contact lenses

by Editor .

If you currently wear glasses, I have one question for you: Why not try contact lenses? In the past, there were many reasons why one might prefer glasses over contacts. The risk of eye infection and lack of comfort were two that come to mind. But in modern times, such reasons no longer exist. Contact lenses have really come a long way, and today’s lenses are made of material that make them extremely comfortable. Moreover, the best lenses allow your eyes to breathe and are very unlikely to cause any problems such as infections. Although there is a small risk of complications, the risk is quite small.

contact lenses vs eyeglassesContact lenses are also convenient. In the old days, users were required to wash and disinfect their lenses at night. Again, such maintenance requirements no longer exist with today’s lenses. I most cases, you can simply rub the lens in solution for a few seconds then store them in solution overnight. If that sounds like too much work for you, you can simply use daily wears. While they cost a bit more, daily disposable contact lenses can be thrown out every night and are about as easy as it gets.

Of course, there are a handful of situations where contact lenses may not be the best choice for you. This may include people with very extreme astigmatism, as well as those who have very dry eyes. But for just about everyone else, I believe contact lenses are vastly superior to eyeglasses.

Now, to be fair, there are a couple disadvantages to contact lenses.  If you wear glasses, you only need an exam every other year, but contact lens users have to have their eyes examined annually. And unless you wear the most expensive, designer eyeglasses, chances are good that contact lenses will be more pricey for you. One of the ways I cut down on the cost of contact lenses is by purchasing them on the Internet. I like to use a store called Lens.com, because they have a lot of coupons I can use to get discounted prices. I usually use these Lens.com coupon codes. Online contact lens stores have really helped consumers by bringing down the price of contacts. I am hoping prices will continue to drop in the future, so that contacts become just as affordable, if not cheaper, than wearing eyeglasses.